Portable X-Ray 3D Imager

Standard Definition: RS-3D

Super High Definition: RISE-3D

Multi-detector Flash X-ray Imager

Radiotherapy Beam Profile Imager


Pocket Multi-Channel Analyzer
Detector Power Supply
Desktop Gamma Ray Spectroscope
Handheld Radiation Searcher

Low-level Gamma Ray Spectroscope


Rotating Scan X-Ray Imager

X-ray Line Scanner

X-ray Intensifier Scanner

X-ray Industrial CT
X-ray 3D Scanner with Luggage Photo Display

Handheld Radiation Searcher and Spectrometer  


HANS-05   Handheld NaI Spectroscope

1.5" NaI Detector: (Other detectors optional)
HV supply, Preamp
1024-channel MCA
µP Data Acquisition and Processing; Color LCD Display
Isotope Database
Li-Ion Battery
USB Output

POPS-05  Pocket CsI-PD Spectroscope

Detector: j15mm CsI + Photodiode + Low noise preamp
Bias supply, Preamp
1024-channel MCA
PDA Data Acquisition, Display and Processing
Bluetooth and cell phone transmission
GPS receiver (Optional)
Li-Ion Battery


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